Lakshmi Kumar

Policy Director, Global Financial Integrity

Chris Janzcewski

Special Agent, Cyber Crimes Unit, IRS-CI

Zia Faruqui

Former Federal Prosecutor

Josh Macdiarmid

Special Agent, Money Laundering Unit, FBI

Joe Ciccoclo

Founder, BitAML

Hailey Lennon

Shareholder, Anderson Kill

Eric Young

Adjunct Professor, Fordham Law

Sonia Desai

BSA Officer, Revolut

Jacqueline Blaesi-Freed

Assistant Director, Consumer Protection Branch, US Department of Justice

Rosie McWhorter

Human Trafficking Investigator

Andrew Jensen

Managing Director, Global Head of Sanctions, Scotiabank

Michelle Ball

AVP, Director of Field Investigations, M&T Bank

David Creamer

Director, AML Solutions Delivery, Scotiabank

Jennifer Zatkos

AVP - Financial Crimes Investigations and Case Management Director, M&T Bank

Yaya Jata Fanusie

Adjunct Senior Fellow, Center for a New American Security

Jim Vivenzio

Senior Counsel, BSA/AML, OCC

Jeff Sidell

Chief Technology Officer, RDC

Jesse Spiro

Global Head of Policy, Chainalysis

Karla Worley

Vice President, Business Development, RDC

Ben Gray

Global Chief Compliance Officer, BSA Officer, and Payments & Regulatory Counsel, Square

Angelena Bradfield

Senior Vice President, AML/BSA, Sanctions & Privacy, Bank Policy Institute

Anders A.L. Rodenberg

Head of Financial Institutions & Advisory, Bureau van Dijk

Hilary Huber

Head of Europe Americas, Anti-Bribery and Corruption Program, Standard Chartered

Zachary Plotkin

Head of Compliance, Legal & Privacy/Cyber Risk/GDPR/CCPA Practice Area - Staffing Expert, Infinity Consulting Solutions

Kate Robu

Partner, McKinsey

Vishal Gossain

Vice President, AML/ATF Analytics, Scotiabank

Matt Ashburn

Head of Strategic Initiatives, Authentic8

Liat Shetret

Senior Advisor, Policy and Regulation, Elliptic

Hannah Spellmeyer

Director, Global Talent Acquisition, Chainalysis

Alex Zuck

Head of Compliance Products, Bureau van Dijk

Joseph Yerant

President, ACFCS

Lana Schwartzmann

Chief Compliance Officer, Paxful

Jackie Koven

Solutions Architect, Chainalysis

Kim Grauer

Head of Research, Chainalysis

Yuval Marco

General Manager, Fraud, NICE Actimize

Nithin Mangalore

Senior Product Manager, Fraud, NICE Actimize

Venu Venugopal

Senior Director, Fraud Product Management, NICE Actimize

Nicole Uber

Fraud Expert, NICE Actimize

Rob Tharle

Subject Matter Expert, Fraud, NICE Actimize

Nithin Mangalore

Senior Product Manager, Fraud, NICE Actimize

Micheal Sheehy

Deputy Chief Compliance Officer, Payoneer

Glenn Fratangelo

Product Marketing Director, Fraud NICE Actimize

Dale Daguro

Solutions Architect Socure

Joshua Linn

Senior Director of Product Management, Socure

Annie C. Bai

Senior Counsel and Privacy Lead ,Socure

Francis San Luis

Senior Pre-Sales Engineer, Feedzai

Nick Finnberg

Open Source Training Specialist, Authentic8

Brian Svoboda-Kindle

VP of Product Development, ACFCS

Chris Caruana

VP of AML Solutions, Feedzai

Glenn Jahrsdoerfer

Accuity Business Solutions Group

Aneta Klosek

Director, Strategic Components of Growth, Accuity

Mike Carter

Chief Compliance Officer, Bittrex

Andres Betancourt

Senior Audit Manager, AML and Sanctions, Scotiabank

Angela Bryant

Senior AML Operations, Global AML Operations & Communications Team, TD Bank

Elizabeth Cronan

Vice President, Government Relations, GeoGuard

Isa Alvarez

Global Intelligence, Coinbase

John Tobon

Supervisory Special Agent, Homeland Security Investigations

Kurt Weiss

Director Strategic Accounts, SME Financial Services Ekata

Max Koenig

Solutions Engineer, Elliptic

Trevor Winger

Senior Consultant - KYC and Anti-Fraud Solutions, GeoGuard

Sanjeev Menon

Infinity Consulting Solutions