Kurt Weiss

Director Strategic Accounts, SME Financial Services Ekata

Kurt Weiss leads Ekata’s Digital Finance practice. He works closely with Ekata’s partners in financial services and fintech to understand their workflows and how best to leverage data to improve the process. He’s passionate about learning what makes his customers’ product valuable and how data can improve the experience of their end customers. Kurt has been with Ekata six years.

9:00 AM – 9:30 AM

A Look Ahead Jan 27

[Roundtable] How to Prevent Identity Fraud at Account Opening

Application or New Account fraud manifesting from synthetic and stolen identities has become pervasive, resulting in significant direct and indirect losses. In this session we will discuss the importance of identity proofing, and both the best practices as well as emerging technologies to prevent identity fraud; while not impacting friction or customer experience.

Areas to cover:
• Synthetic Identity
• Identity Theft/Fraud
• What are the causes and enablers of Identity
• What are they being used for/which type of frauds?
• How do FI's combat it?

Kurt Weiss

Rob Tharle