Jennifer Zatkos

AVP - Financial Crimes Investigations and Case Management Director, M&T Bank
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

A Look Ahead Jan 27

Pandemic of Scams - Fighting Unemployment Fraud and Preparing for the Next Wave

During COVID lockdowns, national and state governments pumped money into economic relief programs with remarkable speed, and fraudsters moved nearly as fast to exploit the same programs for breathtaking ill-gotten gains. In the US, state unemployment programs were hit with fraud on a vast scale, with billions of estimated losses tied to domestic grifters and international organized crime groups. This epidemic of fraud has major implications for financial institutions, which have been faced with stopping false claims, collaborating with law enforcement and even returning fraudulent funds. In this session, two professionals who have been on the front lines of unemployment fraud prevention give their guidance on what they have seen, advice on how to protect your institution, and thoughts on what's to come in the next round of benefit payments.

Michelle Ball

Jennifer Zatkos