Francis San Luis

Senior Pre-Sales Engineer, Feedzai

Francis San Luis is a Senior Pre-Sales Engineer at Feedzai where he provides solution expertise at all stages of the sales process. Prior to joining Feedzai, Francis worked at InAuth Inc (an American Express Company) and has held positions of Professional Services Manager, Lead Android Developer, and Pre-Sales Engineer at various companies, including a prestigious digital device intelligence provider. Francis earned a Bachelor's in Computer Engineering from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

10:45 AM – 11:15 AM

A Look Back Jan 26

[DEMO] Orchestrating Risk Across Your Fraud & AML Teams

To build better customer relationships and increase profits, enterprises must converge their fraud and compliance solutions, and remove the silos that allow sophisticated criminals to take advantage - criminals see no such barriers. There are of course differences between the two disciplines. The primary motivation for the fraud department is to reduce loss, while for the compliance team it’s keeping on the right side of the regulators, but they have many common goals including:

    • Reducing the impact of financial crime on legitimate customers
    • Protecting the reputation of their organization
    • Improving efficiency and driving down cost

Join us and learn how Feedzai’s approach to financial crime can enable you to manage risk across your fraud & AML teams.

Francis San Luis