Chris Janzcewski

Special Agent, Cyber Crimes Unit, IRS-CI
11:15 AM - 12:45 PM

A Look Back Jan 26

Taking Down Terrorists in Cyberspace - A Case Study of the Largest Action Against Cyber-Enabled Terrorist Financing

Last year, US law enforcement agencies announced a sweeping takedown of cyber-enabled financing campaigns tied to multiple terrorist organizations. US agencies targeted and dismantled efforts by Al-Qaeda, ISIS and others who were fundraising via cryptocurrencies and social media, seizing millions of dollars and over 300 crypto wallets in the process. In this case study session, hear from the IRS-CI Special Agent and former federal prosecutor who helped lead the investigation and prosecution of the landmark case. You'll get an inside look at how law enforcement followed digital trails back to terrorist financiers, guidance on warning signs and red flags that may be relevant to your financial institution, and insights on fostering effective public-private sector collaboration to counter bad actors utilizing new technologies.

Zia Faruqui

Chris Janzcewski