Angelena Bradfield

Senior Vice President, AML/BSA, Sanctions & Privacy, Bank Policy Institute
2:15 PM – 3:45 PM

The Future of FinCrime Threats Jan 28

The Year (and the Year Ahead) in Regulation - Innovation and Adaptation

The past year saw a steady flow of guidance, joint statements and public comments from regulatory agencies, with many encouraging new approaches and tech adoption in financial crime compliance programs. The new year kicked off with a bang on the regulatory front, with legislation that brings major reforms to U.S. AML efforts and corporate transparency, new regulations on cryptocurrencies, and much more. To make sense of it all, this session brings together a senior OCC representative, a crypto policy expert and a member of one of the largest financial services industry groups give insights on all sides of the issue. You'll hear views from the regulatory perspective, guidance on how it’s playing out at financial institutions, and a look at what to expect in 2021, along with ample opportunity to ask your questions along the way!

Angelena Bradfield

Jesse Spiro

Jim Vivenzio