JANUARY 26 – 29, 2021


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Great Scott!!! If our calculations are correct, we are just days away from another ACFCS event.

Join us for a virtual adventure through time as we look back at a very heavy 2020 with a year-in-review from industry leaders, regulators and law enforcement officials. We’ll look at the top trends, innovations, case studies and lessons learned, and then travel into 2021 with a deeper dive into digital fraud, data technology, human trafficking, AI, crypto compliance and more.

You won’t need roads where we’re going because we are paving the way with fincrime skills needed today and career boosting opportunities for tomorrow.

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9:30 AM - 9:45 AM

Welcome and Kick-Off

The way we see it, if you're going to do an online event, why not do it with some style? During this opener, hear from ACFCS' president and vice president as they give you a behind-the-scenes look at what makes the ACFCS virtual experience like none other with highlights for what not to miss during Back to the Future of FinCrime.

Marty McFly might think you guys aren't ready for this yet, but we know you are!

Brian Svoboda Kindle

Joseph Yerant

9:45 AM - 10:45 AM

Thought Leader's Year in Review - Top Trends and Events from Top Minds

After a year when "unprecedented" was used… well, an unprecedented number of times, there's a lot of unpacking still left to do for financial crime professionals. Join us for the kickoff of the Summit, as thought leaders from compliance roles, the public sector and advocacy groups reflect on a singular year and give lessons learned to carry into 2021. The session will explore the long-term changes to financial crime compliance programs spurred by the global pandemic, key risk areas and trends among bad actors, and regulatory and policy developments over the past year, among other topics. Come with your questions and join the conversation!

Ben Gray

Hilary Huber

Lakshmi Kumar

Andrew Jensen

10:45 AM – 11:15 AM

[DEMO] Orchestrating Risk Across Your Fraud & AML Teams

To build better customer relationships and increase profits, enterprises must converge their fraud and compliance solutions, and remove the silos that allow sophisticated criminals to take advantage - criminals see no such barriers. There are of course differences between the two disciplines. The primary motivation for the fraud department is to reduce loss, while for the compliance team it’s keeping on the right side of the regulators, but they have many common goals including:

    • Reducing the impact of financial crime on legitimate customers
    • Protecting the reputation of their organization
    • Improving efficiency and driving down cost

Join us and learn how Feedzai’s approach to financial crime can enable you to manage risk across your fraud & AML teams.

Francis San Luis

11:15 AM - 12:45 PM

Taking Down Terrorists in Cyberspace - A Case Study of the Largest Action Against Cyber-Enabled Terrorist Financing

Last year, US law enforcement agencies announced a sweeping takedown of cyber-enabled financing campaigns tied to multiple terrorist organizations. US agencies targeted and dismantled efforts by Al-Qaeda, ISIS and others who were fundraising via cryptocurrencies and social media, seizing millions of dollars and over 300 crypto wallets in the process. In this case study session, hear from the IRS-CI Special Agent and former federal prosecutor who helped lead the investigation and prosecution of the landmark case. You'll get an inside look at how law enforcement followed digital trails back to terrorist financiers, guidance on warning signs and red flags that may be relevant to your financial institution, and insights on fostering effective public-private sector collaboration to counter bad actors utilizing new technologies.

Zia Faruqui

Chris Janzcewski

9:00 AM – 9:30 AM

[Roundtable] How to Prevent Identity Fraud at Account Opening

Application or New Account fraud manifesting from synthetic and stolen identities has become pervasive, resulting in significant direct and indirect losses. In this session we will discuss the importance of identity proofing, and both the best practices as well as emerging technologies to prevent identity fraud; while not impacting friction or customer experience.

Areas to cover:
• Synthetic Identity
• Identity Theft/Fraud
• What are the causes and enablers of Identity
• What are they being used for/which type of frauds?
• How do FI's combat it?

Kurt Weiss

Rob Tharle

9:30 AM - 10:00 AM

[Roundtable] Combatting FinCrime – leveraging innovative data signals to mitigate risks and threats posed by anonymous online activity

Bad actors will always try to hide their true identity, whether that’s using a VPN to hide their location or using stolen credentials to enable their financial crimes. This anonymity is the shield that bad actors hide behind to perpetrate their illegal activity.

In this roundtable Q/A session, we’ll discuss:

  • Cracks in customer/client/merchant on-boarding processes that bad actors are exploiting
  • New data signals, such as location data, that can be utilized in risk engines and other fraud detection processes
  • The increased regulatory focus on innovation and technology to drive effective AML compliance

Elizabeth Cronan

Trevor Winger


10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Pandemic of Scams - Fighting Unemployment Fraud and Preparing for the Next Wave

During COVID lockdowns, national and state governments pumped money into economic relief programs with remarkable speed, and fraudsters moved nearly as fast to exploit the same programs for breathtaking ill-gotten gains. In the US, state unemployment programs were hit with fraud on a vast scale, with billions of estimated losses tied to domestic grifters and international organized crime groups. This epidemic of fraud has major implications for financial institutions, which have been faced with stopping false claims, collaborating with law enforcement and even returning fraudulent funds. In this session, two professionals who have been on the front lines of unemployment fraud prevention give their guidance on what they have seen, advice on how to protect your institution, and thoughts on what's to come in the next round of benefit payments.

Michelle Ball

Jennifer Zatkos

11:00 AM – 11:30 AM

[Roundtable] Modernizing Your Identity Data Strategy to Promote Inclusiveness and Address Underrepresented Populations

During this roundtable session, we’ll discuss how a modern data strategy can provide coverage for and protect underrepresented consumer populations (including thin-file millennials and Gen Z) throughout the customer journey and lifecycle.We’ll also discuss:

    • Framework and best practices for inclusive KYC/CIP
    • Is the current CIP framework insufficient for current needs serving diverse consumers?
    • …and more!

Joshua Linn

Annie C. Bai

9:00 AM – 9:30 AM

[Roundtable] Technology and Automation - Key Trends in Financial Crime within Trade Finance

In this roundtable we will be looking at the latest key developments in international AML and sanction regulations, trends in criminal activity and behaviour that drive the shift of regulatory focus across sectors and how political tensions intensify between the US and China and impact various categories like technology, trade and many more.

Aneta Klosek

9:30 AM – 10:30 AM

Crypto Focus – To Be Announced Soon

10:30 AM - 11:00 AM

[DEMO] New Account Fraud: Verify. Monitor. Trust.

In this demo of IFM-X New Account Fraud, we highlight the ability of the solution to detect fraudulent account opening applications by verifying real world identity and digital identity provided by the applicant during the application process. The demo will also cover an early monitoring scenario where IFM-X detects and alerts on two fraudulent P2P payments within days of the account opening.

Nicole Uber

11:00 AM – 12:15 PM

Mules, Pros, and Whales - Money Laundering's Changing Ecosystem

Like much of the legitimate business world, money launderers faced a crisis when COVID shutdowns and pandemic safeguards disrupted their typical operations. But money launderers, especially sophisticated ones, will never let a crisis go to waste - instead, they innovated and adapted, using lockdowns to expand alternate money laundering channels or create new ones. Organized crime rings and professional money launderers turned in particular to money mule networks, often recruited unwittingly from those newly unemployed or scammed on social media. This rise of online money mule rings is blurring the lines between fraud and money laundering, and creating new challenges for financial institutions and law enforcement.

In this session, hear from experts from the FBI and the US Department of Justice on:

    • The steps they're taking to combat mule networks
    • How mules intersect with higher-level professional laundering operations
    • What you can do to assist in the ever-evolving battle with launderers

Jackie Blasei-Freed

Josh Macdiarmid

9:30 AM - 11:00 AM

The Future of FinCrime Skills – Perspectives on Elevating Your Career

Amid the continuing impact of the pandemic, rapid adoption of new technologies and regulatory changes, navigating a career in financial crime prevention is no small task. In this session, we'll explore the skills that are increasingly relevant for the present and future of financial crime, and hear insights on what financial institutions look for when hiring compliance staff. Experts will share practical advice based on their personal experiences and industry perspectives.

Sonia Desai

Yaya Jata Fanusie

Eric Young

11:15 AM - 12:00 PM

Live Q&A - How I Started My Compliance Career

Disruption was the watchword of 2020 for so many aspects of life, and career development was no exception. For those looking to break into the compliance world, where to begin? And for those already in compliance roles, how to develop professionally and take it to the next level? There may not be easy answers to these questions, but it helps to have guidance from professionals who have been in the trenches. On this session, hear from financial crime.





12:00 PM – 12:30 PM

[DEMO] FinCrime Fighting with ACFCS

Financial crime remains one of the biggest challenges facing governments, private institutions and individuals alike. Training is at the forefront of that battle where criminals will stop at nothing to continue their illicit activity. Join members of the ACFCS team, as well as a special guest, in this energetic session to get a behind-the-scenes look at how ACFCS training, including the CFCS Certification, prepares professionals to rise to the challenge and accelerate their careers. Attend this demo for your chance to win door prizes and membership giveaways.

Abner Santana

Victor Chinchilla

12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

Working Lunch and Career Boost Session

Whether you're a fresh-faced newcomer or a grizzled old-timer in the financial crime space, developing your career and your network never stops. Join us for a lively lunchtime conversation with hiring managers and hear tips on how to build connections in the work-from-home era, what skills are in high demand in the fincrime compliance space, how to stand out in an interview and more.

Zachary Plotkin

Hannah Spellmeyer






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